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Guía de votación para las primarias electorales 2024

Early voting in our primary elections began on Tuesday. Texas public radio regularly publishes voter guides for elections. This year, I’m glad to have produced a Spanish version for these primaries with the help of our TPR Noticias al Día production team.

The Primarias Electorales 2024 Guía de Votación episode breaks away from our usual format of presenting four daily Texas Public Radio stories for our viewers and listeners in Spanish.

For this special primary elections episode, we review information about voting, the primaries, and U.S. Senate and House congressional candidates in Texas.

I’m hoping this helps to inform voters all over Texas, en Español.

To watch more of our episodes, you can visit the TPR Noticias al Día page, follow us on YouTube, or look for us on any podcast platform to listen daily.

Fore more Texas news in Spanish, you can visit the Noticias home page on Texas Public Radio.

Texas Military Major General Thomas M. Suelzer says Operation Lone Star to expand “north and south”

Speaking from the site of a new 80-acre military facility in Eagle Pass las week, Texas Military Major General Thomas M. Suelzer took part in a press conference with Governor Greg Abbott to talk about plans to expand Operation Lone Star, the governor’s controversial border security mission.

Call-in segment to NPR’s Up First on Governor Abbott’s recently announced Operation Lone Star military base in Eagle Pass

We found out on Friday that Texas has already broken ground on an 80-acre military base on the banks of the Rio Grande in Eagle Pass. The facility will hold up to 2,300 National Guard, dedicated to expanding Governor Greg Abbott’s controversial border security mission, Operation Lone Star.

I had a chance to talk to A Martínez for Up First this morning on NPR about what we know so far, the comments I’ve heard from Eagle Pass since Friday, and what the project means for the standoff between Abbott and Biden.

Full interview with Jessie Fuentes after Gov. Abbott’s announcement that Texas will build a new border security military base by the Rio Grande.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott just announced that the state has already broken ground on a new military base dedicated to housing up to 2,300 National Guard soldiers on an 80-acre campus situated just feet away from the Rio Grande in Eagle Pass.

This is the latest, and perhaps the most significant yet, of the governor’s efforts to escalate his controversial border security mission, Operation Lone Star, in a standoff with the Biden administration over control of the border.

For more details on the announcement, read my latest post on The Border Chronicle here: Eagle Pass Residents Shocked by News that Governor Abbott Will Build Operation Lone Star Base


Pablo De La Rosa reports on immigration, border communities, preserving democracy, and Latin America for Texas Public Radio and NPR from the Texas-Mexico border, where he grew up. He’s the host of the daily Spanish newscast TPR Noticias Al Día and a regular contributor at The Border Chronicle.

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