Pablo De La Rosa is a freelance journalist, reporting statewide for Texas Public Radio and nationally for NPR.

TPR Noticias Al Día is now available with closed captions

TPR Noticias Al Día is now available with standard closed captions.

We’re officially beginning our fourth week of production of Texas Public Radio‘s new daily Spanish newscast, TPR Noticas Al Día.

This project began in the spirit of expanding the communities we serve in Texas and beyond, and we’re continuously looking for ways to be more inclusive and accommodating of news readers everywhere.

For the past three weeks, we’ve provided Spanish “open captions” on our video stream, or captions which are “burned” into the video. Starting with tonight’s episode, we’ve upgraded to “closed captions”.

Closed captions are much more accessible.

For example, they can be visually customized by each individual for improved readability on many platforms. Since they are machine-translatable, they are also usable by text-to-audio screen-readers for the visually impaired that may prefer to listen to our program in another language.

Our captions are written by our editors, and so meet accessibility standards that most auto-generated captions do not.

And because any translations which are auto-generated begin with our human-edited captioning, people who enjoy our program in one of any dozens of languages across the world, will receive the best translation possible.

We’re excited to be offering this anywhere that allows us to publish in this format, including digital platforms like Twitter.

A closeup view of TPR Noticias Al Dīa closed captions on Twitter.

This means English speaking viewers in Texas can now watch with English captions on YouTube as well.

Below is tonight’s show featuring closed captions on the YouTube platform.

TPR Noticias al Día—Lunes, 14 de noviembre de 2022

¡Gracias por su sintonía!


Pablo De La Rosa reports on immigration, border communities, preserving democracy, and Latin America for Texas Public Radio and NPR from the Texas-Mexico border, where he grew up. He’s the host of the daily Spanish newscast TPR Noticias Al Día and a regular contributor at The Border Chronicle.

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